Sunday School

FMC Sunday School has classes for all ages:  nursery (2 and under), children (Pre-K through High School), Adults classes (18+). Most classes are small groups of up to 15 people.

We teach the Bible in a relevant way that offers encouragement for today, and hope for the future through Jesus Christ. Our goal is to encourage and equip believers with the Gospel of Christ and enable them to do the same with others.

Class Teacher Curriculum Room
Clarke / Nelson
FH 11
Builders  Ted Grivetti  ETB
FH 12
Good Samaritan
Dr. Henry Nelson
Open Door Virginia Griffith Bible Study Parlor
Sandy Thompson
 Formations EB 107

FH = Fellowship hallway rooms (Downstairs from Sanctuary);  EB = Education Building (east building);  The Parlor is between the pastors’ offices

BSFL: Lifeway Bible Studies for Life – curriculum designed to show students where the Bible meets their lives.

ETB: Lifeway Explore the Bible – studies in books of the Bible.

Formations: Next Sunday Formations – theme-oriented Bible study that includes regular explorations of spiritual disciplines, faith & culture, knowing God, and an annual Bible book study (KJV)

Class Teacher Age Range Room
Nursery John & Joan Landrum 2 and under EB 102
Toddlers Sandy McCoy 2 & 3 year olds EB 103
4’s & 5’s Dawn Taylor, Debra Blackwell
4 & 5 year olds EB 104
1st & 2nd grades Linda Aigner, Fannie Robbins 1st – 2nd grades EB 105
3rd – 5th Grades Chris Pandel, Brian Bennett 3rd – 5th Grades EB 202
6th – 8th Grades David and Robyn West
6th – 8th Grades EB 201
 High School 9th – 12th  John Rutledge, Maria Bagley, Butch Stoneman 9th-12th Grades EB 204

Toddlers use David C.Cook’s Toddler curriculm; Pre-K through 5th grades use  Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life curriculum

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